Kit Road


50'38€(incluye IVA)
SKU: LC/05 / LC/03 / LC/01 / LC/04 / LC/02



Kit road

With this kit you can form a road of nearly 4 meters long and 5 cm wide by combining straight lines, curves and intersections with significant savings on the price.

Consists of the following items:

- Large Straight. LC / 01
- Small Straight. LC / 02
- large Curve. LC / 03
- Small curve.. LC / 04
- Intersections. LC / 05

Price of products separately: € 59.29
Pack Price: € 50.38

Our roads are made of highly durable flexible latex. Its flexibility and low thickness allow it not excessively raise off the ground and fits to the relief of the terrain, thus avoiding the effect of elevation that occurs with more rigid materials.
This article is always delivered painted.