Kit River


58'00€(incluye IVA)
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Kit River

With this kit you can form a river of almost 3 meters long by 13 cm wide by combining straight lines, curves and a ford with a significant saving in price.

Comprising you the next items:

- Big River line. LR / R-01
- Rio short straight. LR / R-02
- River Big Bend. LR / R-03
- Rio small curve. LR / R-04
- River stream intersection. .LR / R-05
- A ford RT-03

Price of products separately: € 68.97
Pack price: 58 €

Our rivers are manufactured from high quality latex. Its flexibility and low thickness allow it not excessively raise off the ground and fits to the relief of the terrain, thus avoiding the effect of elevation that occurs with more rigid materials. These rivers can incorporate a stream as tributary with LRR-03 article. In addition the bridges may be placed above any part of the river.
This article is always delivered painted.(Except ford). You can select a painted ford.
Painting service means an increase of 100% over the original price of the product(Ford) and includes Assembly and painted item
See conditions here.
The hiring of this service implies acceptance of their conditions.
By placing a ford in any section of the river, we can establish a zone of passage. All our bridges are perfectly adapted to these articles.

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