Painting service

Painting service
When you purchase our products you can select our painting custom service for items that are sold unpainted.
The finish is similar to the photo. Although we do not guarantee accuracy in colours and shades, we will use the same techniques and the same process.

When you order you can give an indication on the color preferences, and where the House has posters, you can choose language and color of the poster from among those available for each building.
Time to serve our products custom-painted is 15 days

Article 103. Exceptions to the right of withdrawal.

The right of withdrawal shall not apply to contracts which they refer to:
to) the provision of services, once the service has been fully executed, when the execution has begun, with express consent of the consumer user and recognition for its part that it is aware of that, a time that the contract has been fully executed by the employer, will lose his right of withdrawal.

(c) the supply of goods made in accordance with the specifications of the consumer user or clearly personalized. ”