Swamp marsh. Resin.

Swamp marsh. Resin.


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Swamp marsh.

Different items that you can combine your own to form an area of marshy ground, ponds or marshes. Combining with difficult terrain items or small trees you will get a terrain with a spectacular finish.
Unpainted item.
We have a commissioned painting service that you can select at the time of purchase
Painting service means an increase of 100% over the price of the product and includes Assembly and painted item
See conditions here http://wargfield.com/tienda/?q=en/node/6
The hiring of this service implies acceptance of their conditions.
8 Different items included.
-17 cm x 8,5 cm. - 10,5 cm. X 6,5 cm. -14cm x 7 cm. -14 cm x 8,5 cm.
-8 cm x 8 cm. – 16 cm x 9,5 cm. -10,5 cm x 8,5 cm. -13,5 cm x 6 cm.




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